Mike Cobb tragic death

Some of you will have known Mike Cobb, whether through his referee evaluations, education at the USA ‘Camps with Promise’ programs and as the USA Technical Director for Match Officials or maybe in his capacity as the USA Rugby Referee Eastern Zone Manager. It is with great sadness that I must announce that Mike was

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The Future of Rugby Refereeing: PART THREE

The Future of Rugby Refereeing: PART THREE PART THREE – New Laws or Better Application? The great thing about rugby is that it is forever changing. We are always growing, making better decisions and discovering new solutions. This is true for players, coaches, referees and administrators. Everyone. As referees, we are often confronted from all

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Team Coaches

Referees Under no circumstances are team coaches allowed to approach the referee at half-time. If they do, you ask them to convey all questions through their captain, but you absolutely do not discuss anything with the coach at half-time. If the coach persists the referee will EJECT the coach from the grounds. Zero tolerance approach

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