Game Management Guidelines

Game Management GuidelinesHere are the much anticipated 2016 USA Rugby Game Management Guidelines for 15’s 7’s and High School. They will also be printed in our new 2016 USA Rugby Branded Law Book, which will be shipped out in the next two weeks. Game Management Guidelines

2016 AGM results

As of result of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) this weekend at the Referee Development Summit (RDS), the following Executive Board positions were voted on: President – Barry Tantaris Vice President – Rich Burrus North Scheduler – Brian Kaiser West Scheduler – Krista Kastler East Scheduler – Chris Wroughton In addition, the following Committee positions were

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Things to consider

A few things to consider this week: BREAKDOWN We are still not effectively refereeing the Tackler Assist. Mostly due to not being in the correct position quick enough. Work to get there. Waiting for attackers to clean out the TA allows them to slow down ball recycle. Attacking team forming a wall in front of

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Referee abuse

If a coach walks onto the field during the game, unless the referee allows the coach to enter the field, the coach should be sent off the field and warned ONCE. If they repeat the offense or any form of abuse toward the officials, then EJECT them from the grounds. This is not acceptable behavior

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